Having your Pinterest account suspended for Spam happens with alarming regularity and often you will have no apparent reason why your account has been suspended.  Pinterest does seem to have a policy of “shoot first, and ask questions later”, but happily, they will usually unsuspend your account just as quickly.  Usually…

2 Steps to take to Recover Your Pinterest Business Account

1:  Contact Pinterest.  

You can reach the helpdesk at https://help.pinterest.com/en/contact But usually, you will receive an Email from Pinterest that looks something like this:

We suspended your account because we noticed some activity that appears to violate our policies against spam.

Please review the Community Guidelines for more detailed information on what Pinterest considers spam.  

If you believe this is an error, please click this link to let us know.  

They will ask you for some basic information, like your Email and account name and there will be a spot to appeal the suspension.  Don’t ramble on, they won’t read it.  Just state that your account has been suspended for no apparent reason and that you are a legitimate user who tried to follow their rules very carefully. 

2:  Keep Following up

Wait a business day or so to see if your account is restored.  If not repeat the appeal process.  You may need to do this a couple of times if they are very backed up.  But usually, they will quickly restore your account, particularly if this is your first suspension.

What to do AFTER Pinterest Suspends Your Account to Avoid a Repetition


You will likely never know exactly what you did wrong.  But there are several steps you can take to avoid a more permanent suspension. 

Learn the Pinterest Rules

Click the Community Guidelines link and read it through carefully.  Pinterest is very particular about some content – particularly medical advice, weight loss, essential oils, mental health, self harm, etc.  Make sure none of your content falls into these borderline categories. 

Review Your Entire Pinterest Strategy

There are plenty of other ways to fall afoul of Pinterest’s guidelines:

How often are you pinning?  

Review your pinning schedule.  10-15 pins per day is the max you’d want to go these days. 

Are you repeating pins?  

Pinterest is a maniac for fresh pins, even if it is for previously published content.  So you are better off pinning 5-8 unique and fresh pins for a link rather than pinning the same few pins over and over again. 

You can pin your fresh pins to multiple boards over a period of time, but not more than 10 relevant boards total. Change your titles and descriptions as much as you can and use different photos/images.  Make sure you have the right to use those images – DON’T grab random photos from Google. 

Are you participating in link parties or other group pinning schemes?

  There are a lot of these on Facebook and elsewhere.  You know – you pin my stuff and I’ll pin yours, you Follow me and I’ll Follow you, etc.  Use these groups with caution – Pinterest doesn’t seem to like these strategies.  

Try promoting a few pins 

Traffic definitely goes up on promoted pins and usually stays at a higher level than usual, even after you’ve stopped paying for them.  And I think Pinterest is less likely to suspend you if they view you as a paying customer.

Get Some Help for Your Pinterest Strategy

My 80-page Pinterest Planner will guide you through every step of the way to establish and maintain your Pinterest Strategy.  It contains checklists to:

  • Plan your keyword strategy
  • Set up your boards with the proper keywords and descriptions
  • Create your best possible profile description
  • Keep track of your opt-ins, lead magnets and offers
  • Track your top performing pins
  • Follow the top pinners in your niche
  • And so much more

You can learn more on my Pinterest Planner page.  

With a little bit of focused strategy and a bit of effort, you should be able to make sure Pinterest never suspends your account again and also grow your traffic at the same time – win-win!