As a blogger and content creator, you already wear many hats (think social media strategy, copywriting, photography, video editing, SEO…) – one aspect of your website strategy and growing your organic exposure, is to make sure your backlinks portfolio is relevant and of high quality. Keep on reading to find out which backlink strategies we recommend working on to continue to increase your blog’s domain authority.


3 Tips for a Blogger’s Backlink Strategy


Blog Commenting:

As a blogger, it is assumed that you follow and read other blogs regularly. One way to increase your backlink portfolio is to make regular comments on the blogs you follow with pertinent information. Even better if the article you comment on is related to one of the articles you published on your own blog, and your comment links back to your own article.


Add Relevant Internal Links:

The objective of a blog is to create a resource of content. External links to other websites is useful when referring to other services and products featured in a blog article. Internal links (when you link to a page on your own website) will also help your organic exposure as you provide your readers with the opportunity to explore and learn more about the content you’re featuring.

When creating your internal links, be mindful of the anchor text you are using: instead of using phrases such as “click here” to create your link, use the keywords for which you’re targeting the article you’re linking to to rank for. 


Get Listed in Online Directories:

Think, but for bloggers. There is plethora of online directories for bloggers, make sure to be listed in these directories in order to gain more domain authority.


In Summary:

Your backlink strategy should be part of your monthly process to grow your brand. It is important for your external and internal backlinks to be relevant, of high quality, and using anchor text which you’re targeting with your brand. Need help with your backlinks strategy? Contact Clem today for a complementary 30 minute consultation!