Are you looking to understand where you should start with your SEO optimization?

Are you overwhelmed at the idea of optimizing your website? You just don’t know where to start?

SEO is a marketing strategy small business owners like you hear of but are unsure where to even look at. You hear about keywords, about backlinks, directories…. What or which should you build first?

After seeing all this, ClemSEO has devised a website audit that looks at all the necessary elements for a website to start ranking well:

  • page structure
  • website speed
  • mobile friendliness
  • backlink portfolio
  • social media data
  • effective crawlability

All of the above are considered when search engines such as Google are crawling your website and determining your rankings.

ClemSEO’s website audit is a comprehensive 10 page curated document with a list of actionable Items to get your website to start getting noticed by search engines. Should you decide to sign up for ClemSEO’s comprehensive services thereafter, we will then devise a monthly prioritized plan to make your website gain the visibility you are envisioning.

Click here today to contact ClemSEO and request a no obligation website audit!