Did you know that your Etsy shop and listings need to follow certain best practices in order to have your products show in Etsy’s search engine? Etsy recently made their “Search Analytics” Marketing option available to every Etsy show owner, and today we’re going to walk you through how this new feature can help you optimize your listings. Scroll down for all the info!

ETSY SEO Tips by top Branding and SEO consultant, ClemSEO

What is Etsy’s Search Analytics Report?

In late 2018, Etsy created the “Search Analytics” function, located under the Marketing option in your store dashboard. This report provides useful information to understand which queries or keywords your audience used to get to your store, and how many visits (“visits”) from that specific query resulted in a sale (“conversion rate”).

The report also provides other useful data such as:

  • impressions (the number of times your Etsy listing appeared in search results for said query)
  • position (the average position of your listing for said query)
  • listings (listings that appeared for said query, or in other words how competitive the query is)

How to Interpret Etsy’s Search Analytics Report to Optimize Listings:

You have accessed your Search Analytics report – congratulations! Now, what is next?
Below are some pointers that will help you understand how optimized your Etsy shop is, and determine the next steps for your online strategy:

  • Take a look at the list of search queries – are they relevant to your brand and products? If not, make your listings more keyword centered.
  • Consider the Position report – are you in the top 25? If not, make sure the keywords are present in your listings.
  • Take a look at the impressions – you may be ranking #1 for a specific query, but its impression is low (below 10), is there another query in the report with a higher number of impressions and for which you do not rank as high? If so, update your listing with said keyword.
  • Compare the number of Visits to the number of Impressions – for a well performing listing, you will want a 1 for 2 ratio (1 visit to ever 2 impressions). If you are below this, consider how competitive the keyword is, and review your listing accordingly.

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