In May 2020, Google rolled out another Core algorithm update. At ClemSEO, we strive to keep up to date with Google’s core updates to make sure we apply the most effective strategy for our clients. Google releases core updates regularly in order to provide the best search results for its users.

The May 2020 core update focused on the ability to find the meat of the content from the start of the web page, and blog post. As such, here are 3 tips we have compiled to help you update your copy to optimize your Squarespace blog and improve your organic exposure:

Introduce your Topic:

Start your blog post with an introductory sentence, coded as a Heading 3. You want to make sure that your reader and search engine understand what your blog post will be about.

Code it as an H3 to give it some importance.

Add Images AFTER the Introduction:

Having images in your blog post is essential to provide visual appeal to your readers. The reason we say images come AFTER the introduction is because search engines are looking for articles and blog posts where your readers do not have to scroll down to find the information they’re looking for. 

Add your Call to Actions Throughout the Post:

Call to Actions are essential to funnel your clients and readers to the page you want them to visit. Do you have an e-commerce website or a service website? Make sure you are clear about what you want your readers to do, the more directive you are, the better.

As you apply these 3 tips, you will provide an effective user experience to your readers which will improve the time spent on your Squarespace blog, one of the statistics search engines consider when ranking your website in their search results.


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